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Before use and when cutting
Dec 20, 2018

1.Should check and confirm the power supply, gas sources, water sources without leakage, leakage, leakage, grounding or zero safe and reliable.

2.Small car, workpiece should be placed in the appropriate position, and should make the workpiece and cutting circuit positive connection, cutting face should be equipped with slag pit.

3.The nozzle aperture should be selected according to the material, type and thickness of the workpiece, and the cutting power supply, gas flow rate and the internal shrinkage of the electrode should be adjusted.

4.Automatic cutting cars should be operated by empty cars and the cutting speed should be selected. 

5.Operators must wear protective masks, welded gloves, hats, filter film dust masks and soundproof earmuffs.

People who do not wear protective mirrors are strictly forbidden to observe the plasma arc directly, and exposed skin is strictly forbidden to approach the plasma arc. 

6.When cutting, the operator should stand on the upper side of the operation.Can be ventilated from the lower part of the workbench, and it is advisable to reduce the open area of the operating table.

7.When cutting, when the empty load voltage is too high, the electrical grounding, zero and torch hand insulation should be checked, the workbench should be insulated from the ground, or installed in the electrical control system empty break circuit breaker.

8.High frequency generator should be equipped with shielding shield, with high-frequency arcing, should immediately cut off the high-frequency circuit. 

9.The use of thorium and tungsten electrodes shall be in accordance with the provisions of jgj33-2001 12th. 7.8.

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