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Cutting operation and protection of mating personnel
Dec 20, 2018

1. The plasma cutting machine used in the field shall be provided with rainproof, moisture-proof and sunscreen, and shall be fitted with the corresponding fire fighting equipment.

2. When cutting at high altitude, must fasten the seat belt, cut the cutting around and below should take fire prevention measures, and should be supervised by a person. 

3. When cutting pressurized containers, sealed containers, oil barrels, pipes, workpieces with combustible gases and solutions, the pressure in the container and pipe should be eliminated, the combustible gas and solution should be eliminated, and the toxic, harmful and flammable substances should be rinsed, and the containers containing residual oils should be rinsed with steam and alkali water first, and the cover must be opened. Make sure the container is cleaned and then filled with clear water to cut. Welding and cutting in containers shall take measures to prevent electric shock, poisoning and asphyxiation. Cutting sealed containers should leave air holes, if necessary, in the inlet and outlet equipment ventilation equipment, the container lighting voltage must not exceed 12V, welder and workpiece should be insulated, outside the container should be equipped with special monitoring.Cutting in containers that have been sprayed with paint and plastic is strictly prohibited.

4. Cutting is strictly prohibited for pressure vessels and pipes, live equipment, the force parts of the bearing structure and containers containing flammable and explosive articles under the pressurized state. 

5. Rainy days must not be welded and cut in the open air.When operating in wet areas, operators should stand in places where insulating items are laid and wear insulated shoes.

6. After the operation, should cut off the power supply, shut down the gas source and water.

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