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Maintenance of plasma cutting machine
Dec 20, 2018

1. Properly assemble the torch Install the torch correctly and carefully to ensure that all parts are well matched to ensure the flow of gas and cooling gas. Install all parts on a clean velvet cloth to prevent dirt from sticking to the parts.Add the appropriate lubricating oil to the O-ring, whichever is the O-ring, and do not add.

2. The consumable parts should be replaced in time before they are completely damaged The consumables should not be replaced with complete damage, as the severely worn electrodes, nozzles and eddy current rings will produce uncontrollable plasma arcs, which can easily cause serious damage to the torch.So when the first time you find that the quality of cutting is down, you should check the consumption parts in time.

3. Cleaning the connecting thread of the torchIn the replacement of consumables or routine maintenance inspection, it is important to ensure that the torch inside and outside the thread cleaning, if necessary, should be cleaned or repaired connection thread.

4. Cleaning the contact surface of electrodes and nozzles In many torches, the contact surface of the nozzle and electrode is charged contact surface, if these contact surface has dirt, the torch will not work properly, should be cleaned with hydrogen peroxide cleaning agent.

5. Daily inspection of gas and cooling gas Check the flow and pressure of gas and cooling air flow every day, and if it is found that the flow is insufficient or leaking, it should be shut down immediately to troubleshoot.

6. Avoid Torch collision damage In order to avoid torch collision damage, should be correctly programmed to avoid the system over-limit walking, installation of anti-collision device can effectively avoid the damage of the torch when colliding.

7. The most common cause of torch damage

(1) Torch collision.

(2) destructive plasma arcs due to damage to consumables.

(3) Destructive plasma arcs caused by dirt.

(4) Destructive plasma arcs caused by loose parts.

8. Precautions

(1) Do not put grease on the torch.

(2) do not overuse the lubricant of the O-ring.

(3) Do not spray splash-proof chemicals when the protective sleeve remains on the torch. (4) Do not use manual torches as hammers.

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