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Structural properties of plasma cutting machines
Dec 20, 2018

1.The rack adopts a fully welded structure, sturdy and reasonable, simple operation, durable and durable. 

2.Fast cutting speed, high precision. Cutting mouth is small, neat, no slag drop phenomenon.On the basis of the traditional CNC system, the control mode of cutting is improved, and two trimming machining is avoided.

3.Suitable for low carbon steel plate, copper plate, iron plate, aluminum sheet, galvanized plate, titanium plate and other metal plates. 

4.CNC system configuration is high.Automatic arcing, stable performance, arcing success rate of more than 99 ﹪. 

5.Support the standard G code path file generated by Wentai, Beihang Haier, Artcam, Type3 and other software. control system using U disk Exchange processing files, easy and fast operation.

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