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Laser Flame Cutting
Dec 20, 2018

The difference between laser flame cutting and laser melting cutting is the use of oxygen as a cutting gas. With the help of the interaction between oxygen and heated metal, a chemical reaction is produced to further heat the material.

Because of this effect, for structural steels of the same thickness, the cutting rate obtained by this method is higher than that of melting cutting. On the other hand, this method may have worse incision quality than melting cutting. In fact, it produces wider slit, significant roughness, increased thermal impact zones, and worse edge quality. Laser Flame cutting is not good when machining precision models and sharp corners (there is a danger of burning sharp corners). Pulse mode lasers can be used to limit the thermal impact, and the power of the laser determines the cutting speed. In the case of laser power, the limiting factor is the supply of oxygen and the heat conduction rate of the material.

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