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Laser Gasification Cutting
Dec 20, 2018

In the laser gasification cutting process, the material gasification occurs at the cutting seam, in which case a very high laser power is required. In order to prevent the material vapor condensation to the slit wall, the thickness of the material must not greatly exceed the diameter of the laser beam. The processing is thus only suitable for applications where melting material removal must be avoided.

The processing is actually only used in very small areas of use of iron-based alloys. The processing cannot be used, such as wood and certain ceramics, for materials that do not have a melting state and are therefore less likely to allow the vapour of the material to condense again. In addition, these materials usually have to reach thicker incisions. In laser gasification cutting, the optimal beam focus depends on the material thickness and beam quality. Laser power and gasification Heat have only a certain effect on the optimal focus position. Under the condition of certain thickness of the plate, the maximum cutting speed is inversely proportional to the gasification temperature of the material. The required laser power density is greater than 108w/cm2 and depends on the material, cutting depth, and beam focus position. Under the condition that the thickness of the plate is certain, it is assumed that there is enough laser power and the maximum cutting speed is limited by the speed of the gas jet.

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