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Laser Melting Cutting
Dec 20, 2018

In laser melting cutting, the workpiece is partially melted and the molten material is ejected with the help of airflow.

Because the transfer of material occurs only in its liquid condition, the process is called laser melting cutting. The laser beam is fitted with a high-purity, inert cut gas that causes the molten material to leave the slit, and the gas itself does not participate in the cutting. Laser melting cutting can get a higher cutting speed than gasification cutting. The energy required for gasification is usually higher than the energy required to melt the material. In laser melting cutting, the laser beam is only partially absorbed. The maximum cutting speed increases with the increase of laser power, and decreases almost proportionally with the increase of plate thickness and the increase of material melting temperature. In the case of laser power, the limiting factor is the air pressure at the cutting seam and the heat conduction rate of the material. Laser melting cutting for iron materials and titanium can be obtained without oxidation incision. The laser power density that produces melting but not gasification, for steel materials, is between 104w/cm2~105 w/cm2.

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